Integration of adservers

Nautilus connects the adserver integration of positions with the sales, organizations, and campaign management for you. While singular positions may be assigned to singular adservers, entire campaigns can be linked with different adservers via the placing of multiple positions which allows you to exhaust the channels. To simplify the procedure for you, booking operations will be forwarded directly to the adserver. Adservers like Google Ad Manager, App Nexus or Smart Adserver are already integrated into Nautilus. Given that we always work on improvements, Addition Technologies will be a part of the integratable adservers in the future.

Supported Functions

Accessibility inquiry

You can start the accessibility inquiry directly from within Nautilus and influence the parameters of it as needed. The emerging projections directly result from characteristics of the campaign positions. Based on this data you can adjust the campaign immediately.

Campaign booking

You can start the campaign booking yourself. This way you have the chance to influence each, and every parameter of the campaign booking and shape the campaign after your vision.


Delivery inquiry

The delivery inquiry happens time-controlled during the night administration.

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