ISS Nautilus

Integrated Sales System

ISS Nautilus covers the entire promoting process for the digital ad spaces starting with the creation of the offer, the order management up to the making of the invoices for customers and publishers.

Within the browser-based user interface all booking processes will be executed. CRM systems, adserver and finance booking systems will be integrated into the sequences seamlessly via interfaces. Thereby all relevant adservers will be supported and expanded in their functionality per integrated blacklisting.

For customers and agencies central contracts can be deposited, whose application and supervision will happen automatically in the order management.

Supervision and controlling of the orders are supported by an integrated, multidimensional data warehouse in which powerful prediction systems allow for the analysis of problems before they develop.

ISS Nautilus is available as On Premise and as a cloud solution. Effective authentication and encryption procedures ensure a maximum of security for your data.

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