CRM functions

Via an interface with the CRM system your master data will be synchronized regularly with Nautilus. Here you can comfortably edit the transferred data in clear modules and embed it in the campaign management.

Customer management

Within the Nautilus customer management module you can register all important information, like contact or administrative data, and define their relation to other customers. Additionally, you can deposit customer specific contracts concerning discount arrangements.


Via the blacklist you can exclude placements for certain customers. Placements which have been excluded via blacklist will not be transferred to the adserver at a campaign booking.

Customer relation

The fixed hierarchical relation between the different kinds of customers (publisher, advertiser, agency) is supported and adhered to by Nautilus.


Task management

For the productive and continued co-operation of your team you can create individual To-Do lists.



Using the in-app navigation from Nautilus you can smoothly query individual search requests for all components of the database. You can enter the search request using a self-contained module or comfortably use the search mask of any given module.

In Nautilus you can avail yourself of the vast reporting system at different points which gives you feedback and projections for the respective components.


Within a user-friendly interface the stock combines price lists, types of advertisements and singular stock elements and thusly creates the groundwork for the campaign administration.

Price management

A clear pricing is the result of your predefined group scaling, which will automatically update afterwards and adjust the pricing accordingly.



Through Nautilus you can easily administer different kinds of stock. Stock for TV, digital, mobile, and soon print will all be supported in the campaign management at the same time.

Adserver synchronization

The underlying processes will be optimized by the synchronization of the advertisement elements and the adserver. By your attaching and selecting of adserver specific properties the classification of stock to the sale site will happen automatically.


Price lists

Allocate different prices within clear price lists – also possible in different currencies – to combinations from stock and advertisements. During the creation of campaigns, you can easily fall back on the applied price lists for the pricing of a position.

Stock bundles

For the simplified selection of related advertisement elements, you can fall back on the attachment of stock bundles with which you avoid repeated selection of a single type of advertisement and can determine special prices.

Campaign management

Configure extensive campaigns whose basis is the previously clearly structured master data with the Nautilus database. You can see all requisite data with just one click and so react quickly to all inquiries and requests for modification from your clients, as well as edit campaigns efficiently, expand them and arrange a new meeting with your client.

Offers and Orders

The division of campaign administration into offers and orders gives you the opportunity to record diverse production steps and stages of development with Nautilus protocols. Each change in the detail data of a campaign can be shared quickly with your customer and agreed on. Every editing option adapts to the stage of development.

Adserver integration

Through automatic accessibility inquiries, you will be shown if your chosen position is at your disposal or if and which characteristics will have to be adjusted before the synchronization.

Discounts and Additional fees

Next to the use of predefined price lists you can assign additional discounts and additional fees.


Save all your financial and bookkeeping informations in Nautilus which then are available for the billing of the campaigns for all customer types.


Automatic invoice

Nautilus automatically centralizes all invoice information, like dates of deliveries, payment windows and recipient data, that you predetermined. With one click you can make out an invoice and send it.


Creation of collective invoices

Using the creation of collective invoices you can create and send bills for multiple customers simultaneously. 


Invoice abstract

You can quickly get a general idea about already generated, canceled, or unsettled invoices for all campaigns.


Automatic posting of an account

Not only does Nautilus assume the duty of billing but also the posting of an account. Accounts can be sent directly via e-mail to your customers with the contact details deposited in the databases.


Easy cancellation

Cancellations can be quickly created and send in Nautilus as well. Singular campaign positions or complete invoiced campaigns can be canceled and with a credit memo balanced in the next billing cycle.

Annual agreements

Structure your financial agreements with your customers in annual agreements.

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