Frequently asked questions

The following answers are an abstract of which often gets through to our support.

How do I handle a warning notice during the booking process?

To begin with the difference between a warning notice and an error message need to be clear. Despite a warning notice the booking process can be continued initially. However, it alerts you to the fact that information is still missing or dissonant at that moment within the campaign configuration which will prohibit you from continuing the booking process at a later point in time. 

For example: If there isn’t a person with the responsibility of “Ad Management” set within a campaign, a warning notice will appear with the inquiry of availabilities. By the clicking of the checkbox inside the warning notice you can still initially determine the accessibility. A booking of the campaign later without the relevant responsibility is however not possible. This is where the error message appears.

An error message indicates that a further editing or saving of the campaign is now not possible anymore since relevant information is either missing or dissonant in the campaign configuration.

For example: If a mandatory field of the campaign is not yet filled in (like business segment, advisory team, etc.) an error message appears, and the campaign cannot be saved.

How can I export certain campaigns or other evaluations into excel?

There are three possible options for that. The simplest way is using the Nemo-Search. Via the search fields, respectively the filter in the individual column headers you can compile the desired information. The individual columns can be de-, selected via the button “column choice” in the chart header. The export is possible using the burger-menu (Button Zeichen hier), under the item of “Export”.

If the scale of detail there not fine enough, you can generate very detailed reports with the Nautilus Cube (the cube tile on the start screen). This is where you can compile any combination in report-pilots, depict the graphical representation and export them as excel. Some reports are already prepared and can be used immediately (Reporting tile on the start screen). (Excel, export, report, record, table)

The system suddenly slows down, is there something I can do?

With certain combinations of hardware, operation system and browser the web application will slow down with time. The only solution is to shut the browser down completely and re-start. We recommend to use only google chrome. As we are still searching for specific cases, please send the problem if it occurs, together with the description of which operating system and browser was used to our support
(Browser, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, slow, memory, loading time)

How do I create offers with different agencies in the letterhead and the bill-to party?

The “Booking Agency” is always the recipient in the letterhead. Under “Business partner” you can set a “Billing Agency”, which will appear on the second page of the offer as the bill-to party. WTAG-relationships currently won’t be automatically adopted.
(Letterhead, bill, recipient, booking, billing)

Is there something I must observe if I want to convert an offer into an order?

Three steps: first click on “offer” within the header (offer/status/receipts/AdServer) and choose “create offer” and follow the directions. After that create the order acknowledgment under “receipts” (send outside of the system). Finally choose the item “Synchronization piloting” under “AdServer” and follow those instructions as well.
(Offer, order, booking, AdServer)

There are no results if I search for stock items.

As our seasons have different price lists, you can only find stock if the campaign timeframe is narrowed down which means either set the time span of the campaign to the end of September or the first of November. The same is true if the campaign start is still in June – you won’t have any results that way. It helps to understand why a stock item can’t be booked if you remove the checkmark at “show only bookable stock” and “show only stock with valid price list”. After that the problem will be shown under “Comment”.
(Stock, search, price lists, time span)

Why is the AE commission not being calculated?

If a position is added to the campaign before an agency is assigned the AE commission won’t be allowed. Even if the agency is added retroactively the position AE commission won’t be adjusted. This is an intended behavior of our application.
(Commission, agency)

How do I activate the new version of an order? Can I re-activate the first version of an order?

The first version of an order is active until the new version is created and manually activated. This is possible via the drop-down menu called “order” in the upper part of the tab “Universal” of the campaign module. The order must be in the status “Confirmed”, and the original version of the order must not be in the status of “Delivered”. After that a re-activating of the first version of the order isn’t possible anymore as it was shifted into the status of “Delimited”. The creation of a new version of the order is only possible from the active version.

My favored position isn’t detectable within the stock search of the campaign. Why is that?

A position can’t be bookable in the campaign at hand for multiple reasons. As per norm it is only searched for bookable stock-advertisement form- combinations within the stock search. This can be changed with the deselection of the default checkmark. If the stock appears at the next search but is marked with a red symbol on the column “Selection” it is only non-bookable for this campaign. In the column “Comments” on its left side the cause for this circumstance will be written. Generally, appropriate changes within the other modules (like stock, or the advertisement form itself) or the campaign will have to be made.

There has already been an invoice for a rate created for the campaign. What isn’t changeable anymore?

The financial statements of a campaign won’t allow for the change of the debit value to the just value and vice versa. Moreover, a new version of the campaign can’t be created anymore.

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